Friday, October 17, 2014

It's Friday.....Nothing Should Upset You!

Welcome Again My Faithful Followers,

It's Friday, so I hope everyone has plans that include time outdoors this weekend.  The weather here is going to be perfect for keeping the windows open at night and letting in as much fresh air as possible.
Today has already been busy with Boot Camp training and some hefty yard work before the heat of noon set in.  The rest of the day will be spent getting things ready for the upcoming launch of  So excited that this project that I have been planning for over a year is about to go live.  I'll give more details about what it is and how it can help so many people starting next week.
Tomorrow will be a fun day of charity work.  I get to start my morning helping a charity called Roll n Stroll around Lake Baldwin.  I'll be wearing my New 52 Aquaman with a number of my fellow Guardians of Justice costumed heroes as we help raise money for the elderly here locally by doing photo ops.  Then later that evening, I will be donning my Aquaman attire again for an event at a local comic book store that is hosting an event called Women of Wonder, that supports local women's shelters and battered women in need.  I hope my involvement brings in a lot of needed recourses for both organizations.
Sunday I might take my bike out of storage and go for a nice trail ride on the West Orange Trail as the weather is supposed to stay in the 65-83 degree range, which is perfect for a Fall trail ride.
With so many cool things coming up, I really need to stay focused so that I can make the most of every opportunity that is coming my way here shortly.  I hope ALL OF YOU have an amazing weekend and I'll be sure to post and after action report of all my weekend activities on Monday's blog.  Take Care and Enjoy The Weather......

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