Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Very Busy Past Weekend

Hope everyone is having a good start to the week.  Well, my weekend was so busy that is is taking me till today to get back to my blog. So here is a summery of the weekend.

Saturday started OH SO EARLY as Freya and I were up around 5am to get ready for a local charity event in which we were to be Aquaman and Ms Marvel.  We were told we needed to be at the Roll-N-Stroll to support Assisted Living in Orlando at Lake Baldwin by 7am.  Well, we were running late and got there at around 7:45 only to find out the actual event did not start till 9am.  So we caught up with several other member of the Guardians of Justice charity costuming group and chit chatted until the event festivities got under way and we did photo ops with participants before they started their 4 mile trek around the entire lake.  Once all the teams had gotten their pics with us and were on their way, we made our exit and scattered to the wind like Superheroes do when they are done helping to save the world...LOL

I spent the afternoon working on several of my Aquaman props that needed some repair and re-painting before this coming weekends trip to Puerto Rico to be apart of the Comix Megazone's Halloween event.  Then I re-donned my Aquaman costume and headed out to the Fashion Square mall to be apart of the Women of Wonder event to raise money for battered women sponsered by Collisium of Comics.  There were several cosplayers in different versions of Wonder Woman and a Batman and me as Aquaman to show our support to the fund raising efforts.  There was a silent auction and raffel of Wonder Woman art and collectables.  This was the event's 2nd anniversary and from what I was told by one of the organizers, this years event was a million times more profitable to the charity.  I was very glad to hear it.

Sunday was spent washing costumes and getting some needed shopping done in atticipation of next weekends event.  Also spent time doing some yard maintenance as a back part of my property had gotten a little overgrown with vines due to the heavy rains we have been having and they were impeeding on my AC unit and that was not good.  So I grabbed my trusty sharp machete and made short work of the pseky vegetation.  After that, I went in to find Freya playing her Nitendo system in the bedroom while wearing her cute Batman bra and panties, so I took a picture for her and she then posted it on FB.  I went downstairs and decided to do some FPS action on Call of Duty. After a few hours of gaming, Freya came down and  I  helped make dinner with her. We then sat down to enjoy some Sunday evening TV.

Monday was a Super Busy day.  I was up at my usual 4am and teaching Boot Camp from 5-8am.  It was leg day so I knew I would be sore by today.  After Boot Camp, Freya and I went to the store to get enough groceries to last us until we leave as we eat a lot of fresh foods and so they do not last long before spoiling.  I then got ready and went for my swim workout at noon.  I try to get in a 1.5-2mile swim in 2-3 times a week.  I then came home and grabbed a really quick lunch and then headed to the The Gym Downtown to park my truck and then walked 5 blocks to the Orange County Public Library.  I went to the 2nd floor and checked in to attend the Melrose Mulit-Media Center Orientation.  This was a presiquite for using the some of the facilities features.  As soon as I finished this general overview with about 15 other people, I was signed up for Video Production Orientation.  This was an hour long look at the full featured video production studio that is FREE to use once you are checked out through an assessment exam.  I thought that the class I was taking was to prepare you for that assessment so I had went ahead and schedued to take the assessment later that evening.  WELL I WAS WRONG.  The Video Production Orienetation was only an overview of all the features of the equipment that the studion has, but in no way teaches you the knowledge of how to employ any of it.  So at the end of the orientation I told the instructor what I had done with scheduling the assessment.  He told me that there oare 4 classes that take a total of about 7 hours of training in order to pass the assessment.  The Assessment is a hands on test using the equipment made up of 15 tasks and you have to pass with a perfect score in order to be cleared to able to use the studio.  I asked if I could re-schedule the assessment, but was told that assessements require a 24 hour cancellation or else you get charged, but failing the assessment would not cost anything and at least give me an understanding of what I would be expected to perform when I was ready to go forward with a future Assessment attempt.  Well, I had 2 hours between the orientations and my now scheduled Assessment.  I left the library and walked back to the gym where I was met by Freya and we proceeded to workout shoulders and arms.  This was my 3rd workout for the day and after everything I had been through so far, I was getting a little beat.  After about and hour and a half in the gym, I got changed and again walked the 5 blocks to the library.  Parking at the gym is free for members while the library is in the heart of downtown Orlando so I saved myself the parking costs by just walking a bit.. :-)

I show up for my assessment a few minutes early and sit and wait while catching up with e-mails and FB messages from the day.  Then, at 6:30pm, the Assessment Instructor came out and greeted me and took me back to the studio again.  Over the next 45 minutes, I was asked to perform all kinds of HD video camera setting changes, camera operations, set up lighting for a couple different type scenes, how to recover the data from the camera and move it to the editing bay, open up the data and how to start a new project in the software and how to properly back-up all the video data.  I FREAKING PASSED ALL 15 Assessments.  I was given clearance to use the Video Production studio.  I was told there were only a handful of people who had gotten clearance and most of them were film school graduates.  I was beyond stoked.  I left and about skipped the whole way back to the truck.  I got home and was on cloud 9.  I was so excited I could barely get myself to eat dinner, but knowing that I had worked out as much as I had, I knew I needed too.  I finally settled down and watched The Big Bang Theory and GOTHAM before going to bed and passing out from a very busy three days.  Today I am sore from yesterdays workouts so I am taking it easy and making sure all the last minute details are ready for this coming weekend.
Hope Everyone Else Has Had A Great Weekend!!!!

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